Marielle V Chua

Marielle is a photographer and friend

Born and raised in California, with the attitude and gaze on the ocean to prove it, Marielle has been photographing artists, lovers, friends, and feelers for the better half of her life. She's most recently fallen in love with natural wine and the community that surrounds it. Her calming presence and connective approach with subjects brings out natural and easy going photos, with an edge of vulnerability. When she's not taking photos, she's out in nature and breathing deeply.

Currently photographing:

  • Portraits
  • Social Content
  • Wine 
  • People in love
  • Californian landscapes

She can be reached at:

"Marielle's passion and creativity organically helped position my brands social media platforms in a way that grew my community, increased my brands awareness and loyalty.  Her perfectionism shined in her role as my Digital Content Manager, with her ability to embody our company's voice while being effortlessly cohesive in the messaging. She managed all aspects of the visual side of my company by directing photo shoots,  managing and creating content for both companies across multiple social media platforms. Marielle is a innovative social media and digital content manager and will help any brand thrive across digital platforms. "

Monica Navarro, Owner
Wine + Rock Shop
Individual Medley

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