Marielle V Chua


  1. March

    05 Mar 2022
    I took photos of Emma at her house. We’re working on a very fun project together that I’m excited to see out in the world, simple joys of making things with friends, a very good feeling. The skies are blue and clouds are out in Los Angeles, grass is getting…

  2. Mt Baldy

    20 Nov 2021
    My favorite thing lately is making lists. Making lists, and also revisiting old lists to see if anything might have gotten crossed out without even realizing it. Ben and I have two shared lists, 2020 fun and 2021 fun, recently we went through our notes to see how our expectations…

  3. Huesa

    19 Nov 2021
    Kaitlin just released her EP Huesa, and I am so proud of her and so grateful to have been able to have been a part of the process. She’s one of my people, someone who continues to see and support me throughout my making a mess of the creative’s life–I…

  4. MoonPi at Home

    15 Nov 2021
    What a wild kind of week it’s been, I feel like I’ve been floating in and out of different days, and they’ve all been feeling like different realms. Each sunset happens earlier and earlier, and I’ve been waking up earlier than ever lately. It’s been 90 degrees for the past…

  5. Desert day trip

    12 Nov 2021
    A day trip out to the desert! Did you know the first Del Taco is in Barstow? Today was full of surprises. We stood amongst million year old rock formations, nothing but the wind and sparse plant life surrounding us. Also learned about bear dogs??? An ancient animal that was…

  6. Film from the last lake dip of the summer

    10 Nov 2021
    Photo by Benjamin I never swam in lakes growing up, or rivers, or oceans. I was very much stranded, but making entrances of my own into unknown waters. Nature was both my refuge but also the wild thing that kept me close to my home, Id get lost looking up…

  7. Baja

    07 Nov 2021
    9 days in Baja without any service, a lot of sand, everything to look at and enough time to feel it all. It’s a special thing to be unhurried in good company, the pause that comes in between it all feels welcomed and glad to be shared. Grateful.

  8. Structures

    01 Feb 2021
    Thinking on the idea of structures and creating containers for safe exploration, for discovery.  A long time ago Sarah once said that “self discipline is a form of loving”, or something along those lines. Ive been meditating daily, journaling at night, and practicing breath. I’m doing anything that feels right.…

  9. Northern Travels

    05 Jan 2021
    Over the summer Ben and I went up north to collect our new van. We were quick to fall in love with cold ocean breezes and morning fog– here’re some snaps from a trusty iphone.

  10. new moves

    24 Aug 2020
    some recent things I’ve written: it’s nerve wracking for me to learn a new way to move my body, I’ve only been swimming in the ocean for 2 (generous) years homeless ladies–and how when I see them my heart breaks in ways I’ve never really made peace with. How I…

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