Marielle V Chua


  1. 11/27/18

    09 Jul 2019
    These photos reminded me of a time from a bit ago. And initially I was going to write something else, but I feel like this is a little more special. Maybe special only to me, but I guess that’s what counts.  I had just began to really get to know…

  2. Marrakech

    10 Jun 2019
    A week in Marrakech left me with blistered feet and some dust in my lungs, and eyes that didn’t know how to stop wandering when I came back to LAX. The walls were city mandated pink and the cats didn’t mind that the chops of meat they were getting that…

  3. A bit of visiting home

    04 May 2019
    I am trying to be better about being home whenever I go home. What I’m saying is that I’m actively reshaping my relationship with escapism whenever I go home. I’m not trying to be heavy, I’m just making the point that for 23 years I have spent so much time…

  4. april 11

    12 Apr 2019
    im sitting here, and the wind is blowing outside. the way that the long stemmed branches and all it’s tiny leaves are rustling have the same sound and rhythm as pebbles rolling around underneath the ease of an ocean wave. I catch myself being overwhelmed with a lot of joy…

  5. eastern sierras

    14 Aug 2017
    went off into the eastern sierra with some friends, felt small under the sun and felt glad to be outside.

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