come back to your body

Trauma has a persistent way of staying a part of our lives and stuck in our bodies, my work is focused on bringing people back into their own intimate experience of life and getting them into the present. 

As someone who has learned to navigate their own lifetime of ptsd, depression, anxiety; I know the importance of having ready to use methods and strategies to regain composure and lead from the present, not the past. 

Reiki, yoga, meditation, a healthy connection to nature, and self care have become inextricably woven into my day to day life. The art of slowing down, the grace of self compassion, and finding joy are things everyone should experience.

Regulation, Creation, Embodiment

My work with stress and ptsd is guided by an empathetic, reflective, approach that includes a gentle curiosity. I deeply believe that everyone has potential to feel love, I know in the importance of being seen and heard. There's always room for goodness and joy during this wavy dance that makes up a life. I want to help people come back into the beauty that is their daily lives.

I am currently offering one on one yoga sessions, movement meditation classes, hands on Reiki, self care coaching. 

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